Bikenik Screenshots

Bikenik Screenshots

Bikenik (2009)

Uncommon Projects has developed mobile applications for Blackberry and N95. Bikenik is the company’s first foray into the growing iPhone app market. Bikenik has received thousands of downloads on over 30 countries worldwide. Look for a “Pro” version in 2010 with increased mapping, logging and sharing features.

Product description: Bikenik is a trip computer for casual and hardcore bicyclists who like to see their stats while riding. Bikenik uses the iPhone 3G’s built-in location services to give riders real-time stats on their trip and track them over time. Bikenik provides an elegant way for riders to aggregate their trip and fitness data without having to go to a separate website.


  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Pace
  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Clock
  • Neighborhood display
  • Dynamic Google Map
  • 7 Day Activity Chart
  • Records screen tracks your best stats
  • Pause and resume rides
  • Mount to your handlebar or stick it in your pocket!
  • No annoying ads!