Multidisciplinary Development

From ideation to build out, to support, we can help your idea take shape and fly. Uncommon Projects breathes software development, networking protocols, and hardware prototyping. We bring deep technical experience to the most unique challenges without losing sight of people, users and systems. We mix strong technical skills with creative design to realize the right solution for your project.

Projects: The yBike, gDitty

Interactive Installations

Uncommon Projects has been creating world class interactive installations since its inception in 2005. Whether for event marketing, museum exhibition, or fine art we build compelling and robust interactives for physical spaces.

Projects: MoAF Entrepreneurs Kiosk, Panasonic Instant Win Game, Oxiride Challenge, Action Sport Tour Trick Navigator, Access

Software Development

Over the past ten years we have worked on just about every platform in every language from Perl to Python, from C++ to C#. We’ve built the foundation (embedded UNIX, Computer Vision, Server-side webdev) and the facade (HTML,CSS,Flash). We’ve worked with countless API’s, SDK’s, Frameworks, and Libraries. Beyond the syntax and the grammer, we have a broader perspective and the experience to know how to build projects and products that work better.

Projects: gDitty Prototype, Kokyu, Frog Design, Nice Shoes

Freeform hacking

We love to tinker, chop, mix up, break and rebuild. Namely, to hack. We can’t help ourselves. From the first personal computer to the latest iPhone app, we believe a playful hack today can be the seed for a game-changing idea tomorrow.

Projects: The yBox, Pixelmusic 3000, RFID Fortunebird