Nice Burn (2006)

Desktop application for post production clients to download and burn custom DVDs from anywhere


  • Remote, internet-based download of video Dailies and final Spots
  • Burn PAL or NTSC DVDs
  • Desktop Application
  • Mac or PC
  • Seamlessly integrated with Nice Spots, a web–based digital approval and archival system
  • Broadcast quality video
  • Download and burn media from anywhere
  • Burns standard, Set Top playable DVDs

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Techical Overview

Nice Burn is a component of the Nice Spots digital approval and archival system. Nice Spots has been developed by Nice Shoes, one of the premier post production facilities in New York City. The Mac/PC application extends Nice Spots beyond its web-based administration and playback capabilities by adding download and burning of broadcast quality video onto a customized DVD playable on any set-top box. Seen together, the system is a leap forward in the post production process, allowing users to view and comment on casting tapes, dailies and rough or final edits. By leveraging internet protocols, the system can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.


OS X Application:

Windows Application

Interaction Flow Chart: